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Beckingham Primary School


Governor Structure


Designated Governor for Child Protection - Mrs H Kilmore


Chair of Governors - Mrs S Bowes - sub committees - F&GP/PP/Strategic


Vice Chair of Governors - Mrs L Trickett - sub committee F&GP/PP




Mrs C Du Feu - sub committee        F&GP

Mrs E Thomson - sub committee     P&P/Strategic

Mrs C Hickin - sub committee         F&GP

Mrs H Kilmore - sub committee       P&P/Strategic

Mrs K Hamilton - sub committee     F&GP

Mrs E Moore - sub committee         F&GP/P&P

The Governors are a group of dedicated people who help with the monitoring and development of the school. We take into account our members strengths when deciding sub committees. The Governing body at Beckingham consists of three parents, three co – opted, one Local Authority, one staff and the Head teacher. The Chair of Governors is Mrs Sarah Bowes.


Mrs Bowes - Chair of Governors

I started being a governor when my daughter was in primary school and really loved being able to understand how a school is run and how community schools are building the future generation. I love being able to help volunteer within the local community. I have now been a governor for nearly 8 years  and have been  a governor at Beckingham Primary School for two years as the Local Authority Governor.  As a school governor our aim is to get the best education possible  but also enjoy school and feel safe.  The governors look at how the school can improve and develop regularly to make sure that we are all doing the best for the students.  I am also Chair of Governors at Walkeringham Primary School.  Declaration of Financial and Business interests - none.


Mrs Trickett

I became a governor about 18 years ago when my sons were at the school.  I trained as a nursery nurse so I had some insight into how a school works.  When my children left I became a co-opted governor.  I enjoy handicrafts and I like to help in my local community.  Declaration of Business and Financial interests - none.


Mrs du Feu

I am a community governor for Beckingham Primary School.  I am interested in education and have been involved with schools and children all my working life.  Declaration of Business and Financial interests - none.



Mrs Thomson

I am a parent governor for Beckingham Primary School and I decided to become a governor in order to help the school perform and support the children in their development and learning.  Declaration of Business and Financial interests - none.

Mrs Hickin

I decided to become a parent governor to help Beckingham Primary School be the best school it can and ensure all pupils are safe and have a happy experience at school. I am a teacher at Lincoln Academy.  My hobbies include keeping fit, baking and going on holiday.  Declaration of Business and Financial interests - none.

Mrs Kilmore

I wanted to be a parent governor at Beckingham Primary School because all of my four children would at some point attend this lovely village school.  I wanted to be more involved with the school and watch all children progress to the best of their ability.  I thought by being a governor it would help me understand how staff and children work together to make this progression possible. I particularly enjoy visits to school to see the children working and playing in a school environment.  Declaration of Business and Financial interests - none.