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Home Learning - Foundation - Autumn Term


I  have attached some links for the children to have a go at that are linked to the work that the children have been learning over the last few days.


In foundation the children learn through play activities, please encourage your child to spend  a short length of time having a go at the activities.

To help your child with their learning please feel free to play matching, snap, number games , complete jigsaws , colouring pictures. They enjoy playing and exploring outdoors.  Counting and number recognition can be encouraged when outdoors and around your home e.g counting the number of stairs , counting out their toys, counting out the number of plates you need. 


Have a look at www.phonicsplay phase 1 initial sounds activities , encouraging the children to listen to the different sounds they can hear and looking at the sounds at the beginning of words / objects.

Read lots of stories and talk about the story/ pictures, which is their favourite part of the story and why?