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Beckingham Primary School

Who's Who

There are many people who work in our school. Each of them have different roles and responsibilities but they all have an important part to play.




Mr Phillips - Mr Phillips is our Head teacher and also teaches in Class 2 part time alongside Mrs Kearns. 



Mrs Green - Mrs Green is the class teacher in Class 3 on a Monday. She enjoys teaching Maths, Art and PE the most. Mrs Green loves PE!



Mrs Hutson - Mrs Hutson is the teacher in Class 3 from Tuesday to Friday. 



Mrs Steeper - Mrs Steeper teaches in Class 1 from Monday to Wednesday. She runs the Computing club because she loves computers. She is in charge with Mrs Hamilton when Mrs Moore isn’t in school. ​She is always happy and kind.


Mrs Ward - Mrs Ward teaches Class 1 on a Thursday and Friday. She teaches RE and Music to all the Classes, she is an expert! She also runs film club. Mrs Ward takes the whole school swimming on Thursday afternoons.



Ms James-Mitchell - Ms James-Mitchell helps the children in Class 1 and throughout school assisting pupils who might need help. Ms James-Mitchell is always smiling and is ready to help.



Mrs Brumby - Mrs Brumby is the Foundation teacher, she helps the children to learn by investigating and exploring things.

This might be why she runs Lego Club. She helps the children get ready to move into Class 1.  Mrs Brumby is the school SENCO and can be contacted on 01427 848230.


Mrs Willey - Mrs Willey is a Personal Care Assistant in our Foundation Class and helps Mrs Brumby with all sorts of things.


Mrs Kearns - Mrs Kearns is the teacher in Class 2.  She teaches Maths everyday. She loves it when the children do experiments and find things out in Science.


Mrs Story- is our Teaching Assistant in Class 2.  She is fantastic at telling and reading stories. She is always ready to help anybody.


Mrs Tomlinson - is our Teaching Assistant in Class 3 but she also teaches Art to Class 1 and Baking to Foundation.  You can find Mrs Tomlinson everywhere in school



Mr Gamwell - Mr Gamwell is our caretaker and looks after the school making sure the heating is turned on and everything is working. He can drive the mini bus and sometimes helps on trips.



Mrs Mckone - Mrs Mckone is the Office manager. She sorts all the money out, helps us solve any problems and helps Mr Phillips.



Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller helps Mrs Mckone in the school office and helps all the teachers with any problems they have.


Mrs Kirman - Mrs Kirman is the school cook and makes some delicious food for the children. Butterscotch Tart and Cornflake Tart are our favourites.



Mrs Miller - Mrs Miller is one of our Senior Midday Supervisor. She is very good at listening and helps us sort out any problems and fallouts we may have. 


Mrs Hood - Mrs Hood is one of our Midday Supervisors. She is very patient and helps us to make our playtimes fair.


Mrs Stevens - Mrs Stevens is one of our Midday Supervisors.  She is always cheerful and makes us smile. 


Mrs Farmery - Mrs Farmery is one of our Midday Supervisors. Mrs Farmery absolutely loves her job and she loves to tell and read stories to the Foundation children.