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Beckingham Primary School

Class 1

From Monday to Thursday the adults in Class 1 are Mrs Steeper and Mrs Chandler. On Friday it's Mrs Ward and Mrs Mears.

Number bonds to 10 Rhyme


This will be helpful if your child is struggling with instant recall of bonds to 10!


1 and 9 get along just fine

2 and 8 are always late

3 and 7 don't make 11

4 and 6 are in the mix

5 and 5 like to jump and dive

0 and 10 are big strong men

Monday -       Times Tables Test Year 2

Wednesday -  P.E

                      Homework handed in by today

Thursday -     Homework handed out

Friday -         Spelling Test

Class 1 had fun learning about plants at Austerfield!

Retford Oaks Reading Roadshow

Declan's mum brought his chicks in to show us. They are not a month old, but were very well behaved.

Declan's mum brought his lambs into school. We had a lovely time feeding them!

World Book Day 2018

Picture 1

We had a visit from Ursey. She's training to be a police dog. She's very young - her birthday is 26th November 2017. She was really well behaved.

Lilly's dad tought us lots about her snake and chameleon!

Nativity fun and Christmas crafts at Brackenhurst

Fun at the Lantern Parade!

Pilgrims Lantern Making Workshop

Misterton Firefighters came to visit Class 1.  We had great fun learning about firefighting today compared to 1666!

Alphablocks is a fun CBeebies site with lots of short animations which really do support the children's learning in phonics.




Phonics Play is a fantastic site with lots of free activities to support phonics learning. Children in Mrs James' phonics group should use the Phase 3 and Phase 4 activities. For children who work with Mrs Steeper or Mrs Chandler in phonics, please click on Phase 5.




This is a really good website for practising many skills, particularly in English.  Click on the link and have fun with phonics, grammar and punctuation.  Follow the links on the page to some great maths games too.