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Beckingham Primary School

Class 1

From Monday to Wednesday the adults in Class 1 are Mrs Steeper, Mrs James, Mrs Markham or Mrs Willey. On Thursday and Friday it's Mrs Ward, Mrs James and Mrs Willey.

Number bonds to 10 Rhyme


This will be helpful if your child is struggling with instant recall of bonds to 10!


1 and 9 get along just fine

2 and 8 are always late

3 and 7 don't make 11

4 and 6 are in the mix

5 and 5 like to jump and dive

0 and 10 are big strong men


Wednesday and Thursday -  P.E


Friday -         Spelling Test 



Alphablocks is a fun CBeebies site with lots of short animations which really do support the children's learning in phonics.




Phonics Play is a fantastic site with lots of free activities to support phonics learning.