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Team Points

Team Points

We have a Team House Points System as one of our many ways of recognising positive behaviour choices and success at school. Every child is given a House to support on entry to school and they remain a member of this team throughout their time at school. The Houses are: Attenborough, Bronte and Nightingale.


House Captains are elected from Class 3 for each Team, and they have the important role of providing positive leadership to the children in their House. Various competitions and events are organised throughout the year and Team Points are awarded to the winning teams.


All members of staff can award points, and pupils can earn points for their House by:

  • Following the Golden Rules
  • Playing Fairly
  • Being Caring and Sharing in the Playground
  • Showing Good Manners
  • Being Helpful and Considerate
  • Displaying a positive attitude to a specific task or school life in general
  • Being Responsible
  • Participating and representing the school in competitions and sport
  • Academic success
  • Other achievements worthy of recognition


At BPS the House Points system promotes:

  • Individual and Collective responsibility
  • Positive behaviour, thoughtfulness and respect
  • Shared aims and goals
  • Collaboration, teamwork and co-operation
  • Positive attitude to school and others
  • Effort and application
  • Achievements and successes of all
  • Participation in competitions and sport
  • Growth in self esteem
  • Integration


Team Captains collect all of the Team Points awarded from each class throughout each week and the total is announced in assembly.