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KS1 Phonics Screening Data



Y1 Phonics Pass

All pupils at end of Year 2

2021 – 2022

55.6% (5/9)/75% Nat (7/9)

80% (12/15)/87% Nat (13/15)

2022 – 2023

60% (6/10)/79.5% (8/10)

84.6% (11/13)/89% Nat (12/13)

2023 - 2024

100% (6/6)/TBC% Nat

91% (10/11)/TBC% Nat


In February 2023 the school moved from Phonics Shed Phonics to FFT Phonics.


In the 2022-23 summer term, two new pupils joined Y1 taking the number of children from 8 to 10.  Had they been part of the school’s robust delivery of FFT phonics, outcomes would have been better.  The percentage of the 8 original pupils who would have passed the phonics screening would have been 6/8 (75%) which would have been broadly in line with National (79.5%). 


We continue to ensure that those pupils who did not pass the phonics screening continue to access phonics interventions each afternoon – this is outlined within this SDP.   

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